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Our Credentials

Namaste and Welcome to Sherpa Travel, Inc!

We invite you to join us for our exciting trips to the Himalayan Region of South Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. We are dedicated to our mission to provide you with excellent and reliable professional services.

With more than twenty years of direct experience in organizing and leading trips in the Himalaya, we have established Sherpa Travel, Inc. to provide you with high quality tourism services throughout Nepal, and the neighboring destinations of Tibet, Bhutan, India, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

Sherpa Travel provides you with a strong team of career professionals who can deliver the best tour programs for your trip. Sherpa Travel offers quality trekking programs, cultural tours, river rafting, ecotourism programs, mountain biking tours, and adventure mountaineering expeditions.

Sustainable Eco-Tourism:

Sherpa Travel believes in and is dedicated to sustainable eco-tourism. We have developed tour programs that are eco-friendly, and we follow environmentally sound practices while operating trips. We continually educate ourselves on how to best preserve our culture, history, flora and fauna, and to find ways to improve the environment wherever possible.

We promote tours that provide visitors an opportunity to experience the best in our natural and cultural heritage, scenic places of nature, ancient and historical sites, cultural arts and crafts of the local people and their delicious cuisine. Through environmentally friendly tourism practices, we hope to contribute to the development of sustainable and responsible tourism today and for the generations to come.

Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, family with children, with your friends or with a group, let us help you develop this experience of a lifetime. We look forward to welcome you on our exciting trips and provide friendly services with a smile. Our motto is “Come as a guest and go home as a friend”!

Sherpa Travel, Inc. Credentials:

As program director, I gained extensive education experience in organizing and operating tours combined with the professional training gained through the Hotel and Tourism Management Training Centre in Nepal, Basic and Advance Mountaineering training through the Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Allied Sports (India), and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from California State University, East Bay. I managed several ecotourism companies starting in 1998 until present. Also, Sierra Club selected my company to provide ecotourism to clients for trips in Thailand and Mekong Sub-Region countries from 2001 to 2007.

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