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ESCORTED TRIPS 2012 / 2013

Testimonials from our clients

"Our highest compliments to Wangdowa Sherpa and Sherpa Travel, Inc.! With his expert knowledge of Nepal and the Everest Region, Wangdowa thoughtfully designed our 18-day camping trek to ensure our enjoyment, comfort and safety. He communicated with us both before and during (!) the trek to respond to questions, make adjustments to our itinerary and help us to have a wonderful Nepal experience. We did! We very highly recommend Wangdowa and Sherpa Travel, Inc.!"


Jeanette and Joanne Schneider
Aspendell CA

“Dear Sherpa Travel Inc.

I would like to thank you for all of the travel services you have provided our clients over the last 10 years. In this time you have worked with us on many itineraries throughout Asia. We have always found your services to be of the highest quality. We really appreciate your in-depth knowledge of all the countries and destinations found in the region. This has proven invaluable and a great assistance to our clients. Many of the itineraries you have done for us were very complex and, shall we say, way off the beaten path. Your ability to provide high quality and dependable arrangements under difficult circumstances is to be commended. Frankly I don't think anyone else could have done this. I highly recommend your company to anyone planning a trip in this region.”

Eco-Adventure International

Our Sierra Club tour, The Best of Thailand, really was the best! Wangdowa Sherpa and his friendly guides shepherded us smoothly through 16 exciting yet remarkably stress less days. The service was outstanding. Wangdowa also arranged a trip for 5 of us to Angkor Wat in Cambodia; the accommodations and guide service there were topnotch as well.

Taffy and Everett Bandman
Woodland, CA

Elephant Nature Park

"We found Wangdowa Sherpa through the Association of Thai Travel Agents and found them to be extremely helpful and accommodating from start to finish. Their standard of service and flexibility on what they would do for you was excellent. We had booked an internal trip with them and so needed tickets and other paperwork. After a long trip to Thailand, there was no need for us to find their agency, they came directly to our hotel to meet us and hand over everything we needed personally. We would highly recommend them."

Jacqui and Roger
Birmingham, England

Journeys through Thailand and Cambodia

Thank you Wangdowa Sherpa for providing me with the most memorable and enjoyable vacation trip of my lifetime.

Prior to contacting Wangdowa Sherpa, I had attempted to put together a trip on my own using the internet and tour books. What a headache! I emailed Wangdowa, told him where I wanted to go, and for how long. Within a short time, the entire itinerary was specially designed for me. I sent Wangdowa numerous emails with lots of apprehensive questions, and he always graciously and patiently answered each and every question, putting me at total ease.

I just returned from my trip and it was flawless. I was treated like a celebrity by everyone on the staff.

I would like to give a special thank you to my guide in Bangkok and Northern Thailand, Ping Pong. He was more than a great guide, he became a friend.

I would recommend Wangdowa Sherpa to anyone. No group is too small, for I was a party of one, and it turned out fantastic.

Diana De Jon,
Los Angeles, USA

Jalman Meadows Ger Camp Mongolia

"Dear Wangdowa, all the staff at Jalman Meadows, the horse men, and the drivers,

Just to express our appreciation of the great hospitality and efficiency we received during our days in Mongolia. From the airport-pick up to the Jalman Meadows Ger Camp, it was one of the most happiness times of our life. And we felt sad once such moment had ended once we left.

All the staff, including the horse men, we met were truly attentive and caring. The place was magic with unforgettable scenery. We hope to be back again.

The trip was fantastic. We were really enjoy every moment there. The scenery was like being on the other planet. The staff and the accommodation were very excellent. It was simply "Oriental Hotel on the grass". And our horse riding was unforgettable. This could not be experienced anywhere else. Nothing could be equal as riding a Mongolian horse in Mongolia.

We hope to go to your office and chat with you about your Everest sometime. In fact, in Mongolia, by chance, we had an opportunity of joining the celebration of the first three Mongolian who just came back from reaching the summit.

Of course, we are glad that you would use our comment for posting. We want others to know how happy we were as well."

Paul and Ann,
Bangkok, Thailand

Client Comments from South Thailand Eco-Adventure Tour 13 Days

"Thank you so much to Wangdowa Sherpa! Your services were of the highest quality and professionalism.

Wangdowa Sherpa provided us with exceptional quality guides, practically seamless logistical arrangements, and knowledge of natural history, cultural awareness, and genuine interest in providing a fantastic ecological and cultural experience.

Trip leaders had meticulous attention to details, and made sure we were comfortable with arrangements every step of the way.
Most important, Wangdowa Sherpa made sure we were safe and having fun.

It is with the highest regard that I recommend Wangdowa Sherpa whenever travel services are needed in Asia"

Amy Little,
New York, USA

"Visiting Nepal and trekking through your beautiful country has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I want to thank the wonderful staff of Sherpa Travel, and Wangdowa Sherpa -Nepal for making this dream come true. The guides were extremely courteous. They freely shared their knowledge about the countryside and the people we visited. The chef and the staff were excellent. I still try to explain to my friends how someone could make such a beautiful birthday cake on the trail without an oven. The village we stayed in, the shaman healing we attended, and the special Buddhist ceremony we witnessed were very special events I will remember forever. I feel this trek was very unique--something we would not have experienced without your guidance and your flexibility in creating a trek that can't be found in the guidebooks. Thanks again for a memorable experience. Namaste."

Charlotte S. Pollard,
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

"I think of you all so often with much fondness and gratitude and hope someday to trek again with you. It was an incredible experience and I cannot imagine being in better hands. You and everyone in your company took such good care of us from the hot tea delivered to our tents each morning to the wonderful birthday cake your head cook baked for Anna on the trail in the pouring rain. Even though the weather did not always cooperate, I still had the most amazing adventure of my life. Your great knowledge of the area led us to remote villages, monasteries and even to a special ceremony with a Shaman in Phapre. Thank you so much." Very Sincerely,

Sally Condon,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

"I thought all of you were absolutely so wonderful and kind and supportive. I really did appreciate all the attention to detail and your going with me to the airport to claim my lost baggage as well as meeting us there upon our arrival. I really felt secure with you and your team. I had total confidence in your experience. As you know, I loved the Sherpas and thought your supporting group was the kindest people in the world. I will always have a special place in my heart for the Sherpas who helped me each day like Tenji and Chongba. They all treated us with such patience, kindness and consideration. I hope you will say hi to them. And, Ang Kami also was truly a great leader and admirable. I will never ever forget the trek as long as I live. It is probably the most adventurous thing I have ever done in my life and I am truly glad I did it. It is really hard to describe the trip to friends here in the states. I tell them about it and then say it was like stepping into an action packed adventure movie. For me, I loved meeting the shaman and the Buddhist monks. They were the highlight of the trip, especially knowing, that the shaman had never worked on any Westerners before. I really truly felt privileged and honored to experience the many sacred spots you guided us too. I also want to thank you personally for watching over each of us, guiding us, supporting us and helping us through an experience unlike any of us have ever encountered. I really appreciate all your kindness, consideration, and extra efforts you made. If any of you come to the Bay Area, I hope you will feel free to call me so I can take you out to dinner. I hope you will stay in touch and that all is going well. I look forward to meeting you again soon I hope! Be well!"

Linda Maniwa,
San Francisco, California, USA







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