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ESCORTED TRIPS 2012 / 2013

Trip Insurance

Trip Insurance
We pray and wish that our clients and crew do not have to face any accidents or medical emergencies. However, it is your responsibility to be prepared. Sherpa Travel policy requires that you obtain insurance coverage prior to departure that covers emergency medical treatment and evacuation.

You will need to provide a copy of your current insurance coverage for the trip that shows that your insurance policy covers emergency medical evacuation and treatment while traveling. Additionally, as most insurance is reimbursable after payment, you must be prepared to pay for any medical treatment in all countries and for a helicopter rescue for an emergency situation (available only in Nepal).

Trip Cancellation Insurance
After you have signed up for a trip with us and made payment for the planned trip, please purchase a Trip Cancellation Insurance to protect against loss of deposit and cost of the trip. Trips can be cancelled for the following reasons that include a natural disaster in the area a trip is planned, political or civil unrest in the proposed destination, war, terrorism, disease outbreak and any another unforeseen situations beyond our control.

Your trip cancellation insurance also should cover flight cancellation should you be forced to cancel your trip for the above reasons.

Mountaineering Expeditions
Mountaineers have to bring insurance policies for themselves and must follow the Nepal Government policy for the insurance of all the staff accompanying the expedition. The Nepalese staff insurance policies must be purchased in Nepal. Insurance is also required for Trekking Peak climbing trips for trip members and the crew. Major expeditions are accompanied by a government liaison officer, and the expedition team is required to pay for the liaison officer’s accident and life insurance.






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