Namaste and Welcome to Sherpa Travel, Inc!

We invite you to join us for our exciting trips to the Himalayan Region of South Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. We are dedicated to our mission to provide you with excellent and reliable professional services.

With more than twenty years of direct experience in organizing and leading trips in the Himalaya, we have established Sherpa Travel, Inc. to provide you with high quality tourism services throughout Nepal, and the neighboring destinations of Tibet, Bhutan, India, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

Sherpa Travel provides you with a strong team of career professionals who can deliver the best tour programs for your trip. Sherpa Travel offers quality hiking vacations, cultural tours, nature tours, wildlife watching tours, bird watching tours, ecotourism programs and adventure mountaineering expeditions.

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Trekking and Hiking in Nepal Himalaya

trekking destination in the Everest Foothills is blessed with grand Himalayan views
and the local Sherpa culture that welcomes you!

Here, you can enjoy grand Himalayan views, hike on uncrowded trails through scenic landscapes and see the local peoples’ traditional way of life.

Nepal Culture and Nature Tours

Nepal Wildlife Adventure Tours

explore Nepal’s wildlife in the national parks and wildlife reserves

Mountaineering in Nepal

Photography Tours in Nepal Himalaya

Special Trips in Nepal Himalaya